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Aliento, The Center for Latinx Communities

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Aliento, The Center for Latinx Communities at Pepperdine University's Graduate School of Education and Psychology (GSEP) is dedicated to addressing the individual and communal mental health needs of Latinx communities. Aliento, the Spanish word signifying "breath," conveys the essence of the center. The Center's overall purpose is to "dar aliento" (give support, encouragement, and life) to community members. The Center houses three interrelated components: a Latinx Mental Health Training Program; community outreach and Education activities; and a Institute.The Center's name and academic program were developed in collaboration with community members. Aliento faculty and staff received feedback from community members and mental health professionals on developing the academic program and its content and to validate our choice in naming the center. The mission of Aliento is to encourage community participation as an integrated component to its sustainability and relevance and to make it accessible to Latinx communities.The Center utilizes liberation psychology and theology frameworks as the foundation for its education, outreach and research. The Center seeks to remediate any discrepancies in historical practices and research that are inconsistent with those most in need in society. Liberation psychology and theology frameworks are integrated throughout each component of Aliento. Please consider supporting this life-changing initiative!

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