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Bar Lunch Program

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Caruso Law Bar Lunch Program

This year, Pepperdine graduates will sit in person for the bar exam.  As our new grads set their sights on the bar exam, we need your help to get them past this new hurdle. Every year, Caruso Law provides lunch, respite, and a smiling face to alumni across the country as they take one of the most important exams of their career. 

Support Caruso Law Class of 2023!

Many of you benefited from this program when you sat for the bar, but even if not, I hope you can appreciate this uniquely “Pepperdine” effort. Please know that the Bar Lunch Program depends solely on the generosity of alumni like you. Will you provide this special opportunity for our Class of 2023 graduates with your gift today?

Thank You!

Thanks for being an important part of the Pepperdine Caruso Law community. I hope that you join us in helping our Class of 2023 graduates reach the finish line and share words of encouragement with our soon-to-be test takers. Thank you for paying it forward to help our students succeed.

Thanks To Our Recent Donors!