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Center for Faith and Common Good

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As a member of the Pepperdine community, you know that finding ways to make a difference in the world is what we do. This shared commitment is why I wanted to make you aware of the Pepperdine Center for Faith and the Common Good’s work focusing on the needs of the world’s most vulnerable populations.

Currently partnering with Prison Fellowship International (PFI) and concentrating on prison reform, through its faith-based work the center is creating powerful transformations in notorious prisons both domestically and internationally. Research conducted by Baylor University’s Institute for Studies of Religion has shown that by increasing religious engagement, prisoners participating in PFI’s Christian ministry program are more motivated to transform their identity and take meaningful steps toward true rehabilitation. These prisoners had an increased aptitude for forgiveness, accountability, gratitude, and self-control, leading to a less likely display of volatile behavior and recidivism. Simply put, the program is working.

As former white supremacist and gang member, and now inmate minister at Louisiana State Penitentiary, Kevin Hogarth said: 

Jesus, came into my heart  . . . and gave me a peace, gave me a love, gave me a forgiveness that flipped all that hate to love. 

As a Pepperdine alumnus, you are uniquely fit to understand the need for this work “flipping hate to love,” and the need to keep extending our outreach. The center will not stop at prison reform and will use proven faith-based strategies to address homelessness, domestic violence, addiction, suicide, human trafficking, foster care placements, mental illness, and more. 

We invite you to become a part of the impressive work the Center for Faith and the Common Good will do in the coming year as we continue to serve those in need and find more ways to help the world around us. As you consider your midyear donations, your gift can help Pepperdine make meaningful change in the world. However you choose to support Pepperdine University this year, whether through the Center for Faith and the Common Good, another Pepperdine program, or just by continuing your work in the world upholding the Pepperdine spirit, we thank you.

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