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Chateau d'Hauteville

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[Hello Parents of the class of 2028!  We're opening up donations to The Chateau to you! Your support and involvement as a donor mean more to us than the size of your contribution, as we believe in the power of a united community working together for a greater cause.]

Nestled in the hills above Vevey, Switzerland, with unparalleled views of Lake Geneva and the Swiss, Italian, and French Alps, the historic Chateau d'Hauteville will serve our Pepperdine community on this stunning international campus.

Donations are applied to...

The Chateau d'Hauteville is one of Switzerland's finest castles, a unique European gem, and I am incredibly proud that Pepperdine University was entrusted to own and care for it for the coming generations.” — Ezra Plank, Lausanne Program Director

Personal Message

Thank you for your generous support of Pepperdine's newest International Programs location, The Chateau d'Hauteville! Your support contributes to Pepperdine's mission where students are strengthened for lives of purpose, service, and leadership.

Why are donations necessary?

Providing students with a world-class educational facility for transformative study-abroad experiences that will function as a venue for international conferences, events, retreats, and lectures, the chateau will create countless opportunities for meaningful global connections and cultural exchange.

Once fully renovated, this 18th-century estate will have the capacity to accommodate 84 undergraduate students and 30 graduate students per semester—increasing Pepperdine's current undergraduate international program in Lausanne by 18 students. 

Thanks To Our Recent Donors!