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Pepperdine Choirs

The Choirs at Pepperdine University’s Department of Music promote members' growth as creative, dynamic musicians through performances of outstanding repertory in a positive, professional atmosphere. The ensembles provide singers with outstanding opportunities to apply their knowledge of voice, music history, and music theory to create a compelling musical experience for the listener and performer.

The Concert Choir

Composed of 80 – 100 singers, this is Seaver College's largest mixed performing ensemble. The ensemble, comprised of music majors as well as majors from across the disciplines, performs a variety of choral literature.

The Pepperdine Chamber Choir

Pepperdine University's top-tier vocal ensemble! This auditioned group of music and non-music majors performs demanding vocal ensemble repertoire of diverse styles and presents concerts locally, nationally, and internationally. Often featured at important campus events, the Pepperdine Chamber Choir regularly tours in the US and abroad. Recent domestic tours include California, Arkansas, Texas, Kansas, and Missouri. The Chamber Choir has also toured Switzerland, Italy, and the Czech Republic, and is regularly a featured group at the Prague Choral Festival.

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Pepperdine Choir Programs

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Thank you for your generous donation to Pepperdine's Choir program! Your support helps support the sustained growth of Pepperdine’s vibrant artist community!

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Although performance is considered to be of the utmost importance the philosophy of the choral program is much deeper. Each member is urged to use ensemble participation to enhance their development of the technical science of music and vocal production in a choral laboratorial environment, to advance the science and the composer’s intentions into an inspiring art form, and to utilize the University’s mission by sharing the gift of music in a wholesome atmosphere of Christian service to society.

Through the variety of its ensembles, the Pepperdine Choral Program provides both the singers and the Pepperdine community the opportunity to experience first hand the great repertory of vocal music, from a cappella pieces for a few voices, to works for large chorus and orchestra.

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